A Year of Dates – Month Three Date Nights

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In case you missed it, I gave my husband a year of date nights for Christmas this last year.  Each month he has two planned dates ready for him – one is an at-home date night, and the other is a date night out.  He just has to pick the days to do them.

March did indeed prove to be a busy month in our home with the arrival of a brand new baby.  So, these dates didn’t happen until after March, but we did eventually do them!

Month Three Date Night In

For this month’s date night in, we had a movie night, complete with popcorn, blankets on the floor, and a new movie rental from redbox.  Simple, but fun!  Especially since the movie wasn’t something animated and aimed toward little kids.

Month Three Date Night Out

For our date night out we went to the NCAA Hall of Champions downtown Indianapolis.  Since Josh loves sports, and more often college sports than professional, it was fun to check it out with him (and the kids).Month Three of a Year of Dates Gift Ideas - 24 Dates, Two each month, one in, one out! All planned in advance! whatsupfagans.com

Here’s what my envelope for March, month three, said:

Dear Josh,
March may mean a new baby in our home,
but it doesn’t mean the end of our time together!
Let’s have a slumber party at home before the baby.
And after the baby let’s take a trip downtown to the NCAA Hall of Fall
to help us get into the March MADNESS that we are sure to experience, with or without the basketball.
What have you done together with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend lately?



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