How to Know if it’s a Boy or a Girl – Gender Prediction Infographic

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I may not be pregnant right now, but I thought this was too fun not to share!  With my last pregnancy I tried out a few of those “old wives’ tales” and 50% said boy.  Not any different than natural odds!  But, it was fun trying some out.

If you are pregnant, try some out and tell me what you get! Or, if you’ve tried them in the past, which did you try and how accurate did they prove to be?
How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl
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  1. Karla Hogge says

    I have predicted about 90% of the pregnancies I’ve seen correctly since I was a young teen. I’d get a “hunch” as I observed a pregnant lady in her last trimester. I am less often correct now, probably because I have lost the magical “hunch” that I had when I was younger.

    As for myself, I have had 3 pregnancies and was only correct in predicting my first child’s gender. I dreamt she was a girl and she was born one. The other 2 pregnancies felt different from the first and each other, so I was guessing that they were boys, but we were blessed with girls.

    Ultrasounds were no good for me. Each of my baby’s would bring their legs up to hide their genital regions. If the ultra-sonographer moved the wand to the other side, then their other leg would bend up to keep their gender hidden.

    I wish I had known about some of these other old-wives tricks so I could have tried them during my pregnancies, but I didn’t. The Chinese gender calendar is wrong for 2 of my 3 pregnancies.

    Ultimately, I loved the element of surprise at each birth.

  2. Xyla Tate says

    When I was about 13, some friends and I decided to try and predict how many children we would have and what their gender would be. We stuck a threaded needle into the eraser end of a pencil and suspended it over our wrist – similar to the wedding ring predictor. The pencil predicted that I would have seven children in this order: B,B,B,G,B,B,G. I actually had eight children in this order: B,B,B,G,B,B,B,B. I think the pencil did a pretty good job of predicting what my family would be like.


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