A Year of Dates – Month One Date Nights

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For Christmas this year I gave my husband JoshA Year of Dating” – 24 date nights, 12 out and 12 in, two for each month of the year.

One of my friends did that for her husband and he apparently loved it.  While I set mine up differently than she did and have different dates planned, she was a great help in putting it all together – Thanks Erin!

I looked around the internet for some great ideas on how to present it, and ended up doing something similar to this idea found over at Find Joy in the Journey.

I didn’t have a cute basket to put mine in, and I don’t actually have anything in the envelopes (yet), but I liked the idea of tailoring the dates to the specific month and having them all planned out, with hopefully all we’d need for those dates in the envelopes.

Here are my “One Year of Dating” envelopes:

The front of the envelope says:
One Year of Dating
Two Dates A Month
1 at-home
1 out
It’s all been planned
You just have to choose the day!
Because dating you is the
best gift!
On the backside of each envelope I then pasted another piece of paper that hinted at the fun date nights we would be having that month.  I just wrote with a pen what month that envelope was for (fancy, I know).
 For the month of January, I planned some art-filled dates.  My note said:
Dear Josh, 
This month it’s all about ART! 
Pick a day and let’s create a work of ART at home!
Then pick another and let’s go see some ART.
So that our heARTS may become one!

Month One Date Night In

The first date, the date night in for our first month was for us to create a work of art together.  I got the great idea from Wit & Whistle’s Painting Date Night.  I think it’s such a unique idea of a date night at home with your spouse!  Even if neither of you are very artistic, I’m sure it’ll be fun either way!
While our artwork doesn’t look as cohesive as theirs ended up, we still had a lot of fun!  While Josh isn’t skilled in painting, he’s certainly creative.  Here’s what how our date night in went:
I got our art supplies together – Acrylic paints (which I rarely use), paintbrushes, canvas, cups for water, gel medium, and palette paper.  I had Josh pick out five of the ten colors (to hopefully make it more cohesive), and then we got to work.
Our finished picture is abstract (puts less pressure on either spouse to make something that looks like something real).  And our final painting (in the orientation we liked best) looks like this:
Josh did the lower left portion.  I did the fireball of doom, and we both worked together to do the upper left side, which we redid and redid as neither of us would like what the other one would do – ha.  What do you think of our masterpiece?

Month One Date Night Out

For our date night out this month, we went to the Indianapolis Art Museum.  Since Josh hadn’t been to it before, it was a real treat!  We ended up going with our kids in tow, but I will still count it as a date since it was planned (and paid for, though because it was free).  The kids had a great time and Josh enjoyed seeing some famous art work as well.  The IMA had the Star Studio open and our girls got to do a “Make and Take” activity there as well as play with other things they had:
While these date nights were actually planned for the month of January, we finally completed them in the month of March.  But, I like that I have ideas ready to go in case life gets a little busier than planned or you have more time later.  I’ll be posting the other months of dates as we complete them and putting links at the bottom of this post.  I hope you look forward to seeing them!


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