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So, every person (especially women) would love to see what a different hairstyle would look like on them before they actually do it, right?  I know I would, especially when I do my roughly every 2-3 year chopping of the long hair, which is the point I am at now.

So, one of my friends on Facebook a long time ago, posted pictures she edited on a website called It’s a FREE virtual makeover site where you can upload your picture, try out like 1000+ different hair cuts/styles all available in multiple colors (though the colors all look pretty fake and harsh). The hairstyles are all of popular celebrities.  They have a wide array of different styles and lengths and easy tools to help you narrow your search.

You can also do a make-up makeover.  With the make-up makeover you can apply all sorts of make-up colors and hues, and even change your eye color and thin your eyebrows! The make-up is actual make-up brand and colors, too, so you could actual go out and try it.

What is really great about this site is that you actually tell the program where your face outline is and can adjust each individual style to fit best to your face, eyes, lips, etc.  It really helps make it look how it would when the hairstyle fits snuggly on your head.

So, I would love to have you opinion – I really want to chop off my hair.  It’s long right now and I am sick of it being in the way and having the girls play with it.  It also just seems to drab right now and not very pretty when I actually wear it down, which seems like hardly ever.

*To see previous hairstyles I’ve had see THIS post.*

So, here we go (but, FYI I would not be dying my hair these colors):

Style #1
Style #2
Style #3
Style #4

To say the least, I have had some fun experimenting with this website over the last few months.  It’s really a very fun way to waste time… especially when you upload pictures of your children and husband, like so:

We have found that Lisa’s above picture works REALLY well with the softwave (and we had a ton of fun doing makeovers with her picture).  So, if you want to upload a picture that will work the best, use a direct, straight-on head shot, WITH FLASH, with your hair pulled tight back.

Have you ever used a make-over website or program? 

And PLEASE help me out!  Which style do you like the best above for me?  Or what would you recommend doing?


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