Easter (and Graudation)!

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Today is Easter and what a glorious day it is! It is the day we celebrate our Savior Jesus Christ rising from the dead, redeeming man from death, and saving us all! Thank you Jesus! You are so wonderful! We are grateful for the sacrifice you made of your very own life to save all man-kind! We know that your atonement is eternal and allows us to repent and be forgiven by our Heavenly Father, thereby enabling us to return to live with Him again someday through his grace and mercy. And we know that Christ lives, that He is, and that He will be forever.
In celebration of this great Holiday, we went to church this morning (like we do every Sunday), came home and enjoyed having Josh’s parents come up from Batesville to our humble abode. We had delicious ham, deviled eggs (my first time ever making them), Josh’s special mashed potatoes, carrots, fresh fruit, and bunny cake. And this year our bunny cake was our best one yet! We used two new things this year: pull-n-peel Twizzlers, and coconut shavings. This is Josh and my fourth Easter together, and fourth time making a bunny cake together, a Warren Family tradition that I introduced to him shortly after we started dating. (To see our previous ones, click here). Here is the one we made this year, close-ups and all:

With Josh’s parents coming up, we also got to re-celebrate Lisa and Alison’s Birthday! They got cards, $2 bills from Great-Grandma B, and sweet German-make blocks made by Haba. The girls loved all of it! The blocks were a huge success with them. Here’s Alison in all her wrecking glory:

If you look closely you can see Lisa making some funny faces in the background. Love that girl! Oh, and at the end Alison is totally doing her “Count” laugh.

Brent and Susan also got me a card and some jade earrings for my graduation! That’s right! I am now *officially* a BYU graduate! I will soon be receiving my diploma in the mail. I was supposed to walk at ceremonies this past Thursday and Friday at BYU, so Josh got me some flowers, a sweet Stars Wars graduation card, a small chocolate-layer cake, and a balloon. What a great husband I have!

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