Have a toddler who doesn't talk much yet? Use these 7 ways to encourage toddler to talk

7 Key Ways to Encourage a Toddler to Talk

The lives of new parents are extremely eventful and exciting to say the least. You spend every day awaiting new surprises, milestones and amusing little moments involving your little one. When my husband and I had our little boy a few years ago, he’d constantly walk around with a Handy-cam in hand. ...

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SUCH a great post on motherhood! Being a mom is hard and we really do need to stop obsessing about this one thing!

Why Do Moms Obsess About this One Big Thing?

I wanted children long before my first child was born. I longed to be a mom, to experience motherhood. I dreamed about holding my baby in my arms. Like many moms, when my children were born, each birth event was photographed and I cried (a few) tears of joy. Every moment holding my precious new ...

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5+ Tips on how to stop twins from hitting each other. Great parenting tips for toddler discipline for twin siblings.

How to Stop Twins From Hitting Each Other

Does it seem like your day is spent tearing your toddler twins apart so they don't hit each other? They resort to hitting for any little thing, from having a toy taken away to their brother sitting too close. You hear about other well-behaved kids who play nicely and don't need to be refereed every ...

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