Yes, You are a Bad Mom. But, so am I.

Interesting perspective on what it means to be a bad mom, how this title should not be used to sum up an entire person, let alone their parenting choices and style.

No matter what you do as a parent, there will come a point where someone will disagree with your choices. Sometimes this disapproval will simply come in the form of smug glances, whispered conversations, or loud proclamations of how their child does the opposite or how they would never do that in their parenting. Other times people will get nasty and actually call you a bad mom, to your face. Because you can be labeled a bad mom even before you hold that baby in your arms for the first time.  Did you do something "scary" while pregnant? Did you elect to be induced or have a C-section? Did you "risk" the life of your child by Continue Reading

12 Free DIY Popcorn Box Printables for a Better Family Movie Night

I love popcorn boxes! What a great list of free printable template popcorn boxes so I can DIY and get my craft on (and save money and not have to run to a store!).

This post is sponsored by PopSecret thanks to Linqia. All opinions are my own.  I love watching movies, and I love it even more when I get to eat a giant bowl of yummy popcorn as I do it. As a kid we regularly made and ate popcorn as a family, as we crowded onto the couch to watch a movie, TV show, or Packers football game. It was one of our great family traditions. We would either get out our air pop machine, and drizzle fresh butter on top, and lots of salt, or occasionally get some special popcorn topping to put on it. Most often though we enjoyed microwave popcorn, and several bags, because one bag is not enough to satisfy Continue Reading

15 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Share the News Publicly

15 creative ways to publicly announce pregnancy

Today I am contributing a post over to my friend Katie of Clarks Condensed's blog. I recently announced my new pregnancy publicly and I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of 15 different creative pregnancy announcement ideas. Because, seriously, it's just so much fun to announce a new arrival! Below is my intro to the post! If you want the whole post, click over HERE.   You're pregnant! Congratulations! Being pregnant is such a beautiful gift from God! And now you have the fun task of announcing your pregnancy to all your friends and family.  There are so many awesome, creative ways to announce your pregnancy, Continue Reading

The Epidemic Affecting Stay at Home Moms Everywhere

Wow! This is so true. There really is an epidemic affecting Stay at Home Moms (really all women) today. It's so sad. But, I love all the tips and advice in this for overcoming this affliction.

Sometimes, even when you are surrounded by people, you can feel completely alone. You can go to church, school, work, and parties with a large amount of people, people you know, but sometimes it feels like all of these relationships are fake, as you realize that none of these people really, truly, intimately care about you. Because, there is a difference between having lots of friends and having a best friend. But, for some reason it is hard for many to make best friends as an adult. Really, it is just hard for us to make friends in the first place. This is especially true for stay at home moms, who spend much of their time, at Continue Reading

The Truth About the If and When to Move a Child to a Booster Seat

When and if to move child to booster seat

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. When do you move a child up to a booster seat? When are they ready? What the suggested ages, weight, and heights for a booster seat? What are the laws nationally and in your state regarding booster seats? You likely have these questions if you are a parent or caregiver of a child between the ages of 3-8. There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there on booster seats (as well as lots of mommy guilt if you transition to a booster before your mommy peers moved their child). Continue Reading

Small Apartment Organization Ideas

In a small apartment organization ideas are very helpful! These are some great tips, including some DIY ideas for storage solutions. These will help me manage our home.

If you are like me, and live in a relatively small apartment, organization and storage are super important, especially when there are several people living in a small space. So, I've decided to put together a list of small apartment organization ideas and suggestions so that you can better manage the space that you are blessed to have. Small space living doesn't have to be cramped and miserable.  First, I wanted to share what I have done in the various apartments I have lived in. I recently shared 15 Apartment Organization and Storage Solution Ideas here on What's up Fagans? Practicality and functionality are very important to Continue Reading

What Moms Need on their Second Baby Registry List

When you're expecting a baby that isn't your first, there are still things you will need on your baby gift registry. And these 10+ items really are all items a second time mom needs for a new baby.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I am now pregnant with baby #4. And while it is not traditional for women past their first pregnancy to have a baby shower, it doesn't mean that these second time moms don't need a few things for their latest additions. Even with baby #4 there will be several things we'll need. So, I put together a baby registry list for ideas of what to both put on a registry, so others will know what to gift to a second time mom. Create a Registry Even though this is not your first baby, I do suggest creating a baby gift registry online. It can Continue Reading

Money Can Buy You Happiness When You Give Forward

2443-201412191722147791 (1)

 This post is sponsored by GiveForward and Find Your Influence. All opinions are mine. There have been a lot of times in my life where I have been on the receiving end of another's generosity, and I'm not just talking about holidays and birthdays. My family wasn't very well off while growing up, and bags of (hand-me down) clothes would often show up on our doorstep, among other gifts of kindness. After getting married, my husband and I faced several financial hardships, from paying for the wedding itself, to paying for college and expenses, to becoming parents to twins, moving, going through a major car accident, and not making a Continue Reading

What’s up Fagans? December 2014

Fagan Family Christmas 2014

December was a pretty exciting month for the Fagan family, full of parties, food, finals, and lots of naps. 1. I totally went ziplining for the very first time at Wimberley Zipline Adventure. I grabbed a Groupon deal (affiliate link), three other people, and off we went. I even got a GoPro Camera rental for free with the groupon deal. I still haven't uploaded the very, long, big files onto my computer. And then I'll need to edit it down to the best parts. I wish the day we did it would have been clearer, not so foggy. But, it was fun nonetheless. I don't have a fear of heights and loved it. I just wished the lines were longer, Continue Reading

How to Combat the Complications of the Cash System

I have wanted to get started with a cash envelope system, but always had some questions. This post answers some of my questions I had in regards to getting started with a cash system, its complications, and how it looks in practice. This will be great for my budgeting, and saving money.

The majority of consumers know that spending cash will save them money in the long run over using plastic or new digital methods of payment. However, I’ll be honest, using a cash system takes a little bit of extra work and may even require some sacrifice. These practical tips are designed to help the hesitant budgeter find a solution to the complications of a cash based system and perhaps provide some hope to spur them on toward making the switch. I always forget to swing by the bank. How else can I get cash? Going to the bank can be an inconvenience, especially if you’re paid by direct deposit. I would make the argument that Continue Reading

Overcoming the Fear of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Having a miscarriage is one of the worst experiences ever. But, this post gives me hope to try to get pregnant again. I can overcome my fear of miscarrying.

Having a miscarriage is a pretty horrible experience. All your hope, excitement, and even fears, are dashed for the new life that was growing inside of you. And it is because of the horribleness of the experience, that you wonder if you should ever try to get pregnant again because of the fear that this horrible event may happen again. You don't want another loss. Pregnancy after miscarriage is a scary endeavor. My STORY I had two very subsequent, short pregnancies that resulted in miscarriages in the 4th week of gestation, followed immediately by a pregnancy terminated in miscarriage at 7 weeks gestation.  I had three Continue Reading

5 Ways to Connect with Family Far Away

These are really simple ways to connect with family far away. I would love to be closer with my siblings and their kids!

I have eight siblings spread across the United States of America. I am currently living about 800 miles away from my closest immediate family member.  The distance makes it hard to connect with my family.  Thankfully several of my siblings are active on Facebook and I can see pictures of them and their kids, as well as updates about life and what's going on. But, not all of them are on there. I am not as close to my family as I once was when we were all in the same place in Wisconsin. Honestly, I am always grateful for the times we do get together, talk, and reconnect. Here are some things the connect me with my family, whether Continue Reading