A fun, creative craft product for kids! They are easy to create with and super easy to clean up! So much fun!

Bunchems – Creative Play Without the Mess

I'll be the first to tell you that I do not really enjoy crafting, and unfortunately it seems like kids love crafting. But, the mess kids make while crafting and creating stresses me out! It's why we eventually did preschool without crafts last year (or without nearly as many as outlined in our ...

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A DIY cleaning tutorial hack for cleaning copper pots with ketchup!

How to Clean a Copper Pot with Ketchup

After I posted my cleaning hack on how to clean a copper pot with vinegar and salt, I received comments about how you could also clean a copper pot with ketchup and Bar Keepers Friend. Now, the latter made sense to me, but the former made me gag: you clean pots with a condiment? A thick, red, ...

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Awesome list of 33 outdoor play equipment and outdoor toys for kids. Great gift guide and ideas to get my kids outdoors.

33 of the Best Gifts to Get Kids Outdoors

A large majority of my best memories as a kid happened outdoors. And I grew up in the age of video games, TV, and computers. I'm only 27 years old. I did indeed play a gross amount of video and computer games growing up, in large part because I had six older brothers who were really into them as ...

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