Holiday Shopping Plan: What and How Much to Gift your Kids

Awesome tips for finding the right toy and how to make everything more affordable during the Holidays. Great tips!

I know today may be the first day of October, but it's actually a great time to start thinking and prepping for the Christmas gift-giving season, especially if you have young kids. Christmas is a fun time of year with the lights, caroling, treats, presents, trees, decorations, smells, and love, but it can also be very stressful. I want to help you avoid the holiday hubbub, and share a holiday shopping guide for buying toys and gifts for your kids this year. I'll be sharing some tips on knowing what your kid will really love for a long time, how to set limits on the gift-giving and money-spending, and then some smart ways of making, Continue Reading

Create a Successful Monthly Budget that Works!

As newlyweds, it is so important to get off on the right foot financially. Love these tips on creating a successfull monthly budget for a family that actually works!

When my husband and I did pre-marital counseling there was a whole session talking about finances. Our pastor asked all the tough questions, and we jumped straight into the nitty-gritty, answering his questions with all the honesty we could muster. Since money is one of the top sources of marital discord, it was incredibly important to us to get started on the right path. In the month before we were married, we developed a monthly budget and a spreadsheet to track everything from month to month (which is available as a FREE download at the end of this post!). So today I’m going to share with you: How to create Continue Reading

What’s up Fagans? Fridays September 2014

Mount Baldy

1. Josh officially started his doctorate degree and it is pretty intense. He is gone every day, leaving usually before 7am and not coming home until 4:30pm at the earliest, but on Tuesday and Thursdays it's more like 8:30pm. He's even working on Saturdays a little too. I was very right when I said I was spoiled while he was earning his Master's Degree. The Ph.D. is much more demanding already. It's stressful for my husband, for sure, but I believe he's handling it alright. We got him a small fridge for his office so he can bring some meals from home. He also signed up for an LDS Institute class, meeting at this small building just Continue Reading

How to Encourage Imaginative Play in Your Child

Love these 8 ways to encourage imaginative play in kids! It's so important!

I have twin four year-olds who know how to play and imagine. And I absolutely love it. It is such an important part of childhood. Acting out different situations, expressing different emotions, trying to empathize, and doing bigger and awesomer things. And there are definitely somethings you can do, as a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, to encourage imaginative play in your child. How to Encourage Imaginative Play 1. Costumes Life is better in costume. And so is a child's play. Allowing your child to dress up in fun costumes all year long, and not just at Halloween, is such a great way to encourage an imagination in your Continue Reading

DIY Princess Anna Costumes from Disney’s Frozen

15+ DIY Princess Anna Dress and Cloak Tutorials! So awesome! My daughters wants to be Anna for Halloween thanks to Disney's Frozen movie.

I know Queen Elsa is more popular than her sister, Princess Anna, from Disney's Frozen. Which is a shame because I love Anna's deep sisterly love! But, what are you going to do about her lack of super power, and long awesome capes? If you want to DIY an Elsa Dress, see my previous post. This post though is featuring my favorite Princess from Frozen - Anna! Here's a collection of DIY Anna Costumes you can make yourself. If you pin from this page, please pin the first, main collage image. And my affiliate links are in this post. Thank you! DIY Princess Anna Costumes Anna Costume DIY from MeSewCrazy.comDIY Anna Costume from Continue Reading

DIY Elsa Costumes from Disney Frozen & CASH GIVEAWAY!

Love this list of DIY Elsa Costume Dresses! It's giving me some inspiration as to how I want to make my daughter's Queen Elsa dress from Disney's Frozen for Halloween.

My daughters love the movie Frozen! I don't know a little girl that doesn't. And Queen Elsa, with her awesome ice powers, beautifully long flowing cape, snowflake decals, and beautiful braided hair, is many little girls favorite princess. I'm sure a Queen Elsa costume will be on the top of the Halloween costume idea list this year. I hate forking out a bunch of money on poorly made Halloween costumes (especially when I have twin girls to outfit). So, I wanted to put together a huge round-up of DIY Elsa costumes to give you some inspiration to Do-it-Yourself this year! I'm still not sure how I'm going to make my girls' Frozen Continue Reading

Are you Afraid to Talk of Christ? #BoldChristian

I signed up for the 15-Day #BoldChristian campaign! Come do it with me! Let's all stand for truth, faith, and Jesus Christ.

In our world of noise and confusion, it is often considered taboo to talk about Christ or religion. People can talk about others being murdered or killed, but not about the One who overcame death. People can talk about going out on the town, drinking at bars, but not about people going to church to worship God on Sundays. People can talk about divorces and shattered families, but not about eternal families made possible through God’s holy temples here on earth. Are we afraid to talk of Christ? What noise are we contributing to today’s over-opinionated society? Are we also avoiding talking about the One who saves? Are we also Continue Reading

Kiwi Crate Review (AKA My Kids Destroy Everything)

Kiwi Crate Reivew - Box

Have you heard of this new trend of monthly subscription boxes? They are offered for just about anything now, from clothing, to crafts, to games, to makeup, to books. Every month you get awesome new products to try, without having to go through the process of shopping online or in a store. Some of even catered to your preferences, age, lifestyle, and more. As I am homeschooling my kids for preschool this year, and I am not very crafty, I have been looking into various kid subscription boxes. I recently signed up for two different FREE samples/trials - a Kiwi Crate one, and a Citrus Lane one. Kiwi Crate offered a FREE Mini-Kiwi Continue Reading

5 Ways of Memorizing Scripture with your Kids

Memorizing Scripture with kids is fun, especially when you teach it through these 5 different methods.

Have you ever had a moment when the perfect verse popped into your head, just when you needed it most? Maybe it was a word of encouragement or a bit of wisdom from the Scripture. Either way, that verse probably came to your mind because you memorized it at some point in your life, maybe even as a child. Memorizing Scripture is a wonderful practice to begin with kids when they are very young, but sometimes it’s tough to know where to begin. Since all kids learn different ways, I decided to go with suggestions tied to different learning styles. Here are five fun and easy ways to memorize Scripture with your kids. VISUAL This type Continue Reading

Encourage Your Kids to Be Active – Fit Made Fun Party

Love these new LeapBand activity tracker watches from LeapFrog!

I love being active. And so do my kids and husband. It's always just been a part of our lives. We enjoy being outdoors, trying new things, and hate just sitting around all the time. From simple family walks at the park, to bike rides, to swimming at the pool, we are outside and active. We have found the best ways of being active is to make it fun! That's why I was excited to partner with LeapFrog and CLIF Kid for their Fit Made Fun, MomSelect MommyParty on Saturday, September 6, 2014! It was a fun way to encourage kids to be active! They provided me with some free products so I could throw an awesome party for my kids with some of Continue Reading

Tips for Apartment Hunting – Checklist to Find the Perfect New Apartment

Awesome apartment hunting checklist for shopping for a new apartment home!

Looking for a new apartment can actually be a lot of fun sometimes, imagining you, your family, your stuff in a new environment, with new furnishings, rooms, storage, and amenities. But, when you have to seriously do some apartment hunting, it isn't actually as fun, because you have to cough up some money on application fees, deposits, and of course moving costs, and hope that the apartment and its community are really as they were hyped up to be. Lucky for you, I'm providing an apartment hunting checklist, full of tips and advice, so you can find a new apartment that is perfect for you and your family (or friends). These tips for Continue Reading

What to do when those Awkward Mother-Daughter Conversations Start

Awkward conversations

My twin daughters are four. But, already those awkward conversations have begun. Most of the conversations start from observations, most of them as I'm using the bathroom, showering, or nursing Michael. And some of those observations lead to questions.... "Mom, you have boobs." "Mom, what's this in your armpit?" "Mom, why do you shave your legs?" "Mom, why are you putting on deodorant?" "Mom, you have a hairy crotch." "Mom, why/how do you make milk in your boobs?" These questions are not something you usually have to answer or talk about 99% of your life. But, kids are curious and they really want to Continue Reading