Are you Afraid to Talk of Christ? #BoldChristian

I signed up for the 15-Day #BoldChristian campaign! Come do it with me! Let's all stand for truth, faith, and Jesus Christ.

In our world of noise and confusion, it is often considered taboo to talk about Christ or religion. People can talk about others being murdered or killed, but not about the One who overcame death. People can talk about going out on the town, drinking at bars, but not about people going to church to worship God on Sundays. People can talk about divorces and shattered families, but not about eternal families made possible through God’s holy temples here on earth. Are we afraid to talk of Christ? What noise are we contributing to today’s over-opinionated society? Are we also avoiding talking about the One who saves? Are we also Continue Reading

Kiwi Crate Review (AKA My Kids Destroy Everything)

Kiwi Crate Reivew - Box

Have you heard of this new trend of monthly subscription boxes? They are offered for just about anything now, from clothing, to crafts, to games, to makeup, to books. Every month you get awesome new products to try, without having to go through the process of shopping online or in a store. Some of even catered to your preferences, age, lifestyle, and more. As I am homeschooling my kids for preschool this year, and I am not very crafty, I have been looking into various kid subscription boxes. I recently signed up for two different FREE samples/trials - a Kiwi Crate one, and a Citrus Lane one. Kiwi Crate offered a FREE Mini-Kiwi Continue Reading

5 Ways of Memorizing Scripture with your Kids

Memorizing Scripture with kids is fun, especially when you teach it through these 5 different methods.

Have you ever had a moment when the perfect verse popped into your head, just when you needed it most? Maybe it was a word of encouragement or a bit of wisdom from the Scripture. Either way, that verse probably came to your mind because you memorized it at some point in your life, maybe even as a child. Memorizing Scripture is a wonderful practice to begin with kids when they are very young, but sometimes it’s tough to know where to begin. Since all kids learn different ways, I decided to go with suggestions tied to different learning styles. Here are five fun and easy ways to memorize Scripture with your kids. VISUAL This type Continue Reading

Encourage Your Kids to Be Active – Fit Made Fun Party

Love these new LeapBand activity tracker watches from LeapFrog!

I love being active. And so do my kids and husband. It's always just been a part of our lives. We enjoy being outdoors, trying new things, and hate just sitting around all the time. From simple family walks at the park, to bike rides, to swimming at the pool, we are outside and active. We have found the best ways of being active is to make it fun! That's why I was excited to partner with LeapFrog and CLIF Kid for their Fit Made Fun, MomSelect MommyParty on Saturday, September 6, 2014! It was a fun way to encourage kids to be active! They provided me with some free products so I could throw an awesome party for my kids with some of Continue Reading

Tips for Apartment Hunting – Checklist to Find the Perfect New Apartment

Awesome apartment hunting checklist for shopping for a new apartment home!

Looking for a new apartment can actually be a lot of fun sometimes, imagining you, your family, your stuff in a new environment, with new furnishings, rooms, storage, and amenities. But, when you have to seriously do some apartment hunting, it isn't actually as fun, because you have to cough up some money on application fees, deposits, and of course moving costs, and hope that the apartment and its community are really as they were hyped up to be. Lucky for you, I'm providing an apartment hunting checklist, full of tips and advice, so you can find a new apartment that is perfect for you and your family (or friends). These tips for Continue Reading

What to do when those Awkward Mother-Daughter Conversations Start

Awkward conversations

My twin daughters are four. But, already those awkward conversations have begun. Most of the conversations start from observations, most of them as I'm using the bathroom, showering, or nursing Michael. And some of those observations lead to questions.... "Mom, you have boobs." "Mom, what's this in your armpit?" "Mom, why do you shave your legs?" "Mom, why are you putting on deodorant?" "Mom, you have a hairy crotch." "Mom, why/how do you make milk in your boobs?" These questions are not something you usually have to answer or talk about 99% of your life. But, kids are curious and they really want to Continue Reading

How to Prevent Your Baby from Taking Their Diaper Off

Great advice! So glad I found this. This gives me some new ideas for how to stop my child taking off their diaper all the time!

As our children grow, we are often amazed at all the new and amazing things they do – the first babble, the first smile, the first roll, the first laugh, the first crawl, the first steps. Even funny things, like the first time your child farts or burps are awesome! But, somethings get old real quick, like your baby taking off diapers, and smearing poop all over their crib and bedroom. Once is quite enough of this first! But, lucky me, had twins who both took of their diapers, and now my son is doing it too! Consider the following advice from someone who is a pro at knowing how to prevent a baby from taking their diaper Continue Reading

I bought a Mom swimsuit and it wasn’t because I had given up

Yes! I love all her reasons to rock a "mom swimsuit!"

Maybe I should chalk it up to poor customer service, but the saleswoman's remarks still echo inside my head, though uttered over a year ago. She saw me coming up to the register holding a simple, black, one-piece swimsuit, and frowned at me, and said, "Oh, you've given up. You're getting the Mom swimsuit. You don't need to give up. You're a young, attractive woman. We have a lot of more flattering suits that will be much better for you." She then proceeded to show me suits in the catalog  that were less boring, and more attractive with their patterns and bright colors. But, I kindly declined, and bought the "mom swimsuit" but it Continue Reading

The Easiest Way to Interact With Toddlers

Ha. This is SO totally true. This is the best way to interact with toddlers and babies!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies® Little Movers for SocialSpark. The love of interacting with my toddlers is 100% mine. Toddlers and notorious for their new moves, from crawling, squatting, lifting up one leg, climbing, walking, cruising, sliding, and scooting. And it's pretty awesome. I love watching my son grow and do more amazing things with his body, finding more coordination and confidence. But, I'm not nearly as flexible. I have found that in order to interact with toddlers, the very best thing you can do is lie down. Lie Down! Yes. The easiest way to interact with babies and toddlers and Continue Reading

Life Skills for Kids – How to Teach Them to Your Preschoolers

Awesome list of life skills for kids to learn, expecially preschoolers! Love these tips!

Part of the reason I chose the Preschool curriculum I did (and you should too, it's only $17!) is because it emphasized teaching life skills for kids, like making your bed, using a knife and scissors, knowing your address and more. So, it has me thinking about what life skills kids, especially preschoolers should know, and some smart ways of teaching life skills to kids. So, I put together a great list of resources on how to help teach your preschoolers some important life skills. Enjoy! Important Life Skills for Kids to Learn Practicing Independence Skills - Get Ready for K Through Play from Includes: Setting Continue Reading

How do you do it? Parenting Link Up #38

hdydi link party #9

Skip to this week's links | Skip to featured posts | Skip to linkup rules Welcome to the How Do You Do It? parenting link up party where you have an opportunity to share your posts with other parent bloggers and the followers of How Do You Do It? and What's up Fagans?. How do you do it? is a community of mothers of multiples that believes in supporting each other, in sharing our experiences and questions, in friendship, and in encouragement. The link up is open to all of our readers, whether you have multiples or not, where you can share your wisdom, your favorite posts, your insights, with our online community here at HDYDI Continue Reading

Saving Money During College with the Cheapest Wireless Plans

Go back to school with the cheapest wireless plans from Walmart Family Mobile - $34.88/month for unlimited talk, text, and web! #shop #cbias #Phones4School

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser #Phones4School. All opinions are mine alone and affiliate links are used. My husband just started his doctoral degree program and I couldn't be more thrilled for him. He'll be busy this semester for sure, with three classes, seminars to attend, and math labs to teach. And he again will have long days, needing to be on campus from about 8am to 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in addition to classes the other days of the week too. As a family of five living off of his very modest graduate assistantship income (and unfortunately a bit of student loans), money Continue Reading